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Car parking System Cable Assembly

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cable assembly,high quality cable assembly for car parking system
Model Number automotive wire harness 13
Place Of Origin Olink
Capacity 2.5 USD
MOQ 50 70 10 Centimeters
Specification DC-12V power plug for standard cigarette lighter punch
Plug Outer diameter: 5.5 mm (MM)
Inner diameter 2.5 mm (MM) (matching inner cylindrical needle
Outer diameter 3.5MM (mm)
Voltage: 12V
Current less than 3A
Length 1.5 meters
This link sells 1.5 meters of products. Other lengths are also available.
Input Interface Standard cigarette lighter
Output interface DC-12V power plug
Product Description Cigarette lighter charger with built-in 5A fuse and indicator light.

Product features: 12V equipment on-board charging line, can directly supply power to 12V equipment on-board, plug using 5.5*2.5 tuning fork. Including shrapnel, 2.5/2.1 universal. 12V equipment preferred. This wire is thicker than the ordinary wire on the market. It is made of copper with thick core and current support 3A!

Wire Harness Testing

Testing the electrical functionality of a wire or cable harness can be done with the aid of a test board. The test board is pre-programmed with the required electrical characteristics, and the completed harness can be plugged into the test board and tested individually or in multiple numbers.

Automobiles are operated by a variety of electric controls such as being able to start the engine by pushing one button. Along with the increase in functions for automobiles, the number of electric devices installed is also increasing. The wiring harnesses play a role in connecting those devices and delivering electricity and signals through the entire car. The functions are similar to the blood vessels and nerves of a human body.

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