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Rated voltage: 250V/440V AC

Rated current: 16A/32/63A Max

Rated current: 16A/32/63A Max 250A

Max Working temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃

Protection level: IP55

Fire Rating: UL94 V-0

Fire Rating: UL94 V 0

Compliance of standard: GB/T 20234.2



1. The product is designed for over current protection, under voltage protection, power leakage protection, phase sequence error protection and grounding detection.
2. The charging box is of over temperature protection, which can effectively prevent the charging box from abnormal running at overhigh temperature. g p
3. A three-plug temperature sensor is designed to prevent fire with the socket when the function fails.
4. Reliable material is used, ensuring it to be flame retardant, environment-friendly, wear-resistant, roll resistant (2T), weather resistant, impact resistant, highly oil resistant and UV resistant.

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